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Mailing Address
Shasta Abbey
Attention: Guestmaster
3724 Summit Drive
Mount Shasta, CA 96067-9102

Phone: 530-926-4208 Extension 305
Fax: 530-926-0428
Email: guestmaster@shastaabbey.org

You may call the following monastic offices or voicemail directly by dialing the 3-digit extension number listed below when you reach the main message on our answering machine. You may also reach these office by email at the given email address:
Guestmaster                          ext. 305          guestmaster@shastaabbey.org
Prior    (Administration)          ext. 321          prior@shastaabbey.org
Treasurer (Bursar)                  ext. 337          bursar@shastaabbey.org
Sacristan (Transfer of Merit)   ext. 319           sacristy@shastaabbey.org
Sacristan (Other questions)   ext. 357
Chief Cook                             ext. 304                          -

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Website Feedback
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If you have an ethical concern within the Shasta Abbey Sangha, please contact the Shasta Abbey Ethics Refuge. The Shasta Abbey Ethics Refuge includes Rev. Master Jisho Perry, Rev. Vivian Gruenenfelder, Rev. Amanda Robertson, Gene Cleaver, and Eloise Larson. The stated purpose of the Ethics Refuge is 'to offer a Dharma refuge to anyone who has a current ethical concern within the Shasta Abbey Sangha, and to promote trust, truthfulness and harmony within the fourfold Sangha. We are currently in the process of talking together to develop guidelines for our responses to concerns. We are happy to hear from anyone with a concern, a suggestion, advice, or questions. Our email address is ethicssa@shastaabbey.org, or any individual on the Refuge may be contacted directly.